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About Our Business

My name is Micah Pieczarka I am the owner of Micah Pie and
Associates. I have always loved to work and play on computer
since childhood. I remember when my mom first taught me some
DOS commands and the monitor’s screen only had two colors. I
have come a long way since childhood and so has the computer.
Life was easy back then only so many thinks could brake. Now
millions of things could go wrong and a lot of people have realized
that. They open nation wide computer service and support stores
that like to overcharge and keep you in the dark. They can also
create problems so they can get more money out of you.

That’s why we started up Micah Pie and Associates. A few
friends and I didn’t like what the other guys were doing to
people. We are not going to charge you more money if we make
a mistake and it take a little longer. We are not greedy; we just
love working on computers and solving problems. Micah Pie and
Associates is very keen on learning as well. That’s why there is a
whole page of tutorials, free for you to use. If you want to learn
something or want to know “how do you do that?” Just send us
an email or visit our “Contact us” page. We will do what we can to
help you out. We also have some friends with a cool science,
tech, and gamming news pod cast (piandchips.com). If you want
to laugh your face off and hear news that shouldn’t be told.
Check out Horseshoes and Hand Grenades pod cast.

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